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Vimeo is web service for video streaming. Vimeo is YouTube competitor. Lots of Vimeo content is created by art enthusiasts which can share their work each other for free with other users. It is possible to leave feedback with comments also as on YouTube. Vimeo has been founded by film enthusiast Jakob Lodwick and Zach Klein in 2004. Nowadays IAC/InterActiveCorp is owner with headcounter in New York and Portland.

Traditions of the peoples of North America.


Bow, arrows, feathers. This is how we associate the peoples of North America. Its indigenous peoples. But if you look deeper into the history of these peoples, you can learn a lot of interesting things. Hello everyone With you Mila! And welcome to my project "Naturist's notes". Today I want to tell you about the peoples of North America. Why did I decide to make this video on my channel? I think you will understand from the video itself and the conclusion that I will make at the end. I have a bow, this is a sports bow, I have an ordinary sports arrow. If this arrow was some Iroquois tribe, the peoples of North America, the Indians, then at least the plumage of the arrow was not like that, but around the arrow to accelerate the flight. When a shot is fired, the arrow rotates and hits exactly the target and the range of the shot is much longer. And as I said at the beginning, what we associate the peoples of North America with. It's bright colors, it's a bow, it's arrows, it's a pipe, this tobacco, it fires, it's the shamans. Well, in principle, all these stereotypes that we have, namely stereotypes, stamps. Where did we get them from? From movies, from textbooks, what is generally known in principle. But let's take a deeper look at their history. And so, the culture of the peoples of North America. The culture of this continent. There are so many interesting and mysterious things in the history of this people. After all, when they first started studying it, at least as I remember from the history books and westerns that we watched, they were Indians, they were warriors, they were bows, they were arrows. From the outside, you could see that this is some primitive society, primitive tribes, not developed. Who lived in their primitive structures, wigwams, running, hunting, gathering, whatever they could. Not really! Recent research by scientists, archaeologists, has opened up a lot of interesting secrets for us. And a lot of interesting things about this people. After all, they had extensive development not only in agriculture and hunting. They had cities, but they are not specifically called cities. They are called urban settlements. And there were very complex structures, multi-storey buildings, stone buildings, complex architecture. Some buildings reached an area of up to 800 square meters. But I would like to focus my story about the indigenous peoples of North America on an ancient legend that has been passed down from generation to generation among the Iroquois tribes. They themselves call ancient times, dark times, during the development of their people. This was the period of the war, dated to the 11th century ad. Plus or minus decades, it is impossible to say for sure, because this story was not recorded, it was transmitted by oral traditions. And so, I started my story about how we have stamps regarding the peoples of North America. That they are simply tribes with feathers, with bows, of primitive existence. In fact, it was a very developed society, it was a democratic developed society, for example, there were equal rights for women and men. The eldest wife, or the eldest woman, as they called her, a wise woman, was in charge of the whole tribe, everything was done with her permission, with her advice. She gave instructions to the soldiers, with her permission, hunting was carried out, etc. Everything was interconnected, she led the settlement in which all the hunters lived, all the families, all the clans, and there was also full equality for women and men. Such a free society, there was no humiliation of the sexes anywhere. This should also be noted. But I was a little distracted. And so what happened in the 11th century. What was, what is reflected and is reflected now in our society? Yes, this is actually true. I will begin my story as the Indians themselves begin it when they tell it…

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