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Maui Vlog 2018

I hope you enjoyed this vlog! It was super long but I think long vlogs are the best. I had such an amazing time and I am so grateful for this experience. I will be uploading a travel diary soon :) social medias ♡: instagram: twitter: snapchat: pinterest: for business inquiries:

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yoga challenge girl 2020


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Female Vagina Test | Gyn Exams | Episode: 03


🔶Follow Us:👇 👉 Watch Here: 👉 👉 Facebook: ⚠Youtube Community Guidelines Disclaimer: This video made for educational purposes. This video & thumbnail doesn't violate Youtube community guidelines law because It's an educational video. This Video about female vagina test & It's an educational video. It will help to Medical student to know deeply about virginity test. So it can't violate nudity or sexual term. No need to take any strike for YouTube community guidelines. Please review the content with a gynecologist who will prove the video, that it's an educational video. ================================ You may be worried about your first gyn exam. It’s very normal to be uneasy about something when you don’t know what to expect. It’s also normal to feel embarrassed. Hopefully after reading this information, you will be reassured that it’s simple, not painful, and takes only about 3-5 minutes. Your health care provider (HCP) should be sensitive and gentle, help you relax, and answer any questions you have. What is a pelvic or gynecological exam? A pelvic exam is a way for your health care provider to examine your female organs and check for any gynecological problems. When should I have my first gyn exam? Most health care providers agree that you should have your first exam when you have symptom such as discharge or pain, or when you turn 21, whichever comes first. There are other important reasons that you may need a pelvic exam. Your HCP will decide if an exam is needed to figure out the cause of your concerns. These may include: Unexplained pain in your lower belly or around the vulva area. Vaginal discharge or wetness on your underwear that causes itching , burns or smells bad, especially if you’ve had sex No menstrual periods by age 15 or 3 years after your breast development begins Vaginal bleeding that lasts more than 10 days Missed periods, especially if you are having sex Menstrual cramps so bad that you miss school Remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are or if you are sexually active, if you have any of the symptoms listed above, you should make an appointment with your health care provider or gynecologist. Will I need a pelvic exam if I’m a virgin? Even if you’re a virgin (you’ve never had vaginal intercourse), you may need a pelvic exam if you are having certain problems. Having a pelvic exam doesn’t change anything, just as using tampons doesn’t change your hymen (the skin that partly covers the opening to your vagina). What should I do before the exam? When you make your appointment, be sure to let the scheduler or nurse know that this is your first pelvic exam. The nurse can answer your questions and help explain what to expect so you won’t be worried. Do NOT have sex, use vaginal creams or douche for 24 hours before the exam. What kinds of questions will my health care provider (HCP) or gynecologist ask me? Your HCP will ask you questions about: Your general health, allergies and medications you are taking Your menstrual period, such as how old you were when you first got it, how long it lasts, how often it comes, how much you bleed, the first day that your last period started, if you have cramps; and at what age your breasts started to develop Whether you have ever had sexual contact or have been sexually abused or assaulted If you have vaginal itchiness or an unusual discharge (drainage) or odor from your vagina Getting Ready: If you find it helpful, your mom, sister or friend can stay with you. There may also be a nurse or a medical or nursing assistant in the room, too. After you have given your medical history, been weighed and had your blood pressure checked, you will be asked to put on a hospital gown. You will need to remove your clothes including your underwear and bra. A breast exam is often done as a routine part of this check-up. What happens during the exam? Your health care provider will explain the different parts of the exam and ask you to lie down on the exam table. You will be given a sheet to put over your stomach and legs. You will then be asked to move down to the end of the table and place your feet in “stirrups” (these are holders for your feet). With your knees bent, you will be asked to let your knees fall to each side allowing your legs to spread apart. This is usually the part when some young women feel embarrassed. Your HCP will make you feel at ease. It’s important to tell him/her if you are scared, nervous, or uncomfortable. There are usually 3 parts to a pelvic exam. Sometimes not all the parts are necessary. Ask your health care provider which part(s) will be done for your exam. The External Exam (Part 1): Your health care provider will first look at the area outside of your vagina (clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, and anus). #GynTest #FemaleLabia #Labia #Virginity #VirginityTest #VaginaTest

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Battle of Stalingrad 1942-1943 - World War II DOCUMENTARY


After a long discussion, we decided to start making documentaries on the modern wars, and the first one we are going to cover will be the battle of Stalingrad in 1942-1943 that was fought between Germany and its allies and USSR within the World War II. This battle is considered one of the most decisive in the second World War, as it worsened the situation of the Wehrmacht and allowed the Soviet Red Army to start counterattacking all over the Eastern Front. This battle is also symbolic, as it was one of the rare battles where the egos of two rulers - Hitler and Stalin clashed. We are planning to release more documentaries covering the modern conflicts, so stay tuned. Support us on Patreon: or Paypal: We are grateful to our patrons and sponsors, who made this video possible: This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( ✔ Merch store ► ✔ Patreon ► ✔ PayPal ► ✔ Twitch ► ✔ Twitter ► ✔ Facebook ► ✔ Instagram ► Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Songs used: Jan Bjork - Rise and Fall 2 Rannar Sillard - Emperors of Tomorrow 13 Johannes Bornlof - Imperious 3 Johannes Bornlof - Heroic March 3 Johannes Bornlof - Heroic March 1

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The Battle of Russia (1943)


This motion picture film examines the war in Russia, 1941-1943. Reel 1 dramatizes Russia's military history. Alexander Nevsky defeats the German knights in 1242. The Swedes are defeated in 1704 in a cavalry battle at Poltava. French troops retreat from Moscow in 1812. Kaiser Wilhelm inspects troops on the Eastern front in 1917. Reel 2 shows mine operations, agricultural scenes, oil fields, and manufacturing scenes. People of many ethnic groups present native dances. Civilian and military units parade in Moscow. Maksim Litvinoff asks the League of Nations to aid Ethiopia in 1935. Reel 3 maps Axis expansion into eastern Europe. Hungarian, Rumanian, and Bulgarian troops parade prior to Nazi occupation. Footage shows puppet leaders Admiral Miklos von Nagybanya Horthy, General Ion Antonescu, King Michael of Romania and King Boris of Bulgaria. Adolf Hitler and Generals Wilheim Keitel and Alfred Jodl meet. Nazis march through Hungarian cities. Yugoslavian cities are bombed and Greece is occupied. Tanks roll from Russian assembly lines and troops are inducted. German panzer divisions invade Russia in June 1941. Reel 4 maps the German advance in 1941 and analyzes Russian strategy. Hitler makes a victory speech in October. Footage shows intense street fighting in Sevastopol. Russians of all ages are mobilized. In Reel 5, houses, factories, and a large dam in the Ukraine are burned or dynamited before the advancing Nazis. Guerilla units draw arms and then dynamite Nazi installations. Joseph Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, and other leaders pose. Red troops parade in Moscow in Dec. 1941. In Reel 6, citizens pray in churches on Christmas Day. Russian tanks, cavalry units, and ski troops advance beneath air support. Villages are liberated and refugees return. In Reel 7, dead and tortured Russian civilians are found. Footage shows prewar Leningrad. Barricades are erected. The city is intensively bombed. In Reel 8, the city is besieged. Women remove rubble from streets. Defenses are manned. Food is rationed. Shell manufacture continues. Supplies are brought in by truck, tractor, and railroad across frozen Lake Ladoga. Winter snows blanket the city. Nazi planes bomb trucks on the lake. The spring thaw arrives. Children play in the sunshine. German prisoners enter the city. Reel 9 maps the battle for the Caucasus and the Crimea. Stalingrad is bombarded from the air by artillery and house-to-house fighting is shown. Reel 10 maps the Russian encirclement of Nazis at Stalingrad. Marshal Nikolai Voronoff confers with his aides. The encircling Red armies meet in Dec. 1942. Flamethrowers, rockets, and artillery are used to force the surrender of remnants of 22 Nazi divisions. The final scene maps Russian gains and cites statistics on Nazi losses thus far in the campaign.

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