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[D&D] Outpost Santa Barbara - EP 5 Ft. DisguisedToast, Sykkuno, Michael Reeves & Koibu

Full Playlist: D&D Animated: Follow them! DisguisedToast - Sykkuno - Michael Reeves - Koibu - Tune in every Tuesday from 2PM to 6PM PST :) Streamed on 03/17/2020

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Female Vagina Test | Gyn Exams | Episode: 03


🔶Follow Us:👇 👉 Watch Here: 👉 👉 Facebook: ⚠Youtube Community Guidelines Disclaimer: This video made for educational purposes. This video & thumbnail doesn't violate Youtube community guidelines law because It's an educational video. This Video about female vagina test & It's an educational video. It will help to Medical student to know deeply about virginity test. So it can't violate nudity or sexual term. No need to take any strike for YouTube community guidelines. Please review the content with a gynecologist who will prove the video, that it's an educational video. ================================ You may be worried about your first gyn exam. It’s very normal to be uneasy about something when you don’t know what to expect. It’s also normal to feel embarrassed. Hopefully after reading this information, you will be reassured that it’s simple, not painful, and takes only about 3-5 minutes. Your health care provider (HCP) should be sensitive and gentle, help you relax, and answer any questions you have. What is a pelvic or gynecological exam? A pelvic exam is a way for your health care provider to examine your female organs and check for any gynecological problems. When should I have my first gyn exam? Most health care providers agree that you should have your first exam when you have symptom such as discharge or pain, or when you turn 21, whichever comes first. There are other important reasons that you may need a pelvic exam. Your HCP will decide if an exam is needed to figure out the cause of your concerns. These may include: Unexplained pain in your lower belly or around the vulva area. Vaginal discharge or wetness on your underwear that causes itching , burns or smells bad, especially if you’ve had sex No menstrual periods by age 15 or 3 years after your breast development begins Vaginal bleeding that lasts more than 10 days Missed periods, especially if you are having sex Menstrual cramps so bad that you miss school Remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are or if you are sexually active, if you have any of the symptoms listed above, you should make an appointment with your health care provider or gynecologist. Will I need a pelvic exam if I’m a virgin? Even if you’re a virgin (you’ve never had vaginal intercourse), you may need a pelvic exam if you are having certain problems. Having a pelvic exam doesn’t change anything, just as using tampons doesn’t change your hymen (the skin that partly covers the opening to your vagina). What should I do before the exam? When you make your appointment, be sure to let the scheduler or nurse know that this is your first pelvic exam. The nurse can answer your questions and help explain what to expect so you won’t be worried. Do NOT have sex, use vaginal creams or douche for 24 hours before the exam. What kinds of questions will my health care provider (HCP) or gynecologist ask me? Your HCP will ask you questions about: Your general health, allergies and medications you are taking Your menstrual period, such as how old you were when you first got it, how long it lasts, how often it comes, how much you bleed, the first day that your last period started, if you have cramps; and at what age your breasts started to develop Whether you have ever had sexual contact or have been sexually abused or assaulted If you have vaginal itchiness or an unusual discharge (drainage) or odor from your vagina Getting Ready: If you find it helpful, your mom, sister or friend can stay with you. There may also be a nurse or a medical or nursing assistant in the room, too. After you have given your medical history, been weighed and had your blood pressure checked, you will be asked to put on a hospital gown. You will need to remove your clothes including your underwear and bra. A breast exam is often done as a routine part of this check-up. What happens during the exam? Your health care provider will explain the different parts of the exam and ask you to lie down on the exam table. You will be given a sheet to put over your stomach and legs. You will then be asked to move down to the end of the table and place your feet in “stirrups” (these are holders for your feet). With your knees bent, you will be asked to let your knees fall to each side allowing your legs to spread apart. This is usually the part when some young women feel embarrassed. Your HCP will make you feel at ease. It’s important to tell him/her if you are scared, nervous, or uncomfortable. There are usually 3 parts to a pelvic exam. Sometimes not all the parts are necessary. Ask your health care provider which part(s) will be done for your exam. The External Exam (Part 1): Your health care provider will first look at the area outside of your vagina (clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, and anus). #GynTest #FemaleLabia #Labia #Virginity #VirginityTest #VaginaTest

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修改憲法的父子--習仲勳與習近平 (歷史上的今天 20181015 第196期)


#习仲勋 與#習近平 ,修改#憲法 的父子:毛澤東到達陝北後,迅速進行了對陝北根據地原領袖的整肅,暗殺劉志丹。對西北勢力的打擊延續到高崗反黨集團,习仲勋反黨集團。习仲勋一生苦難,平反後支持修訂八二憲法,刪除共產黨領導和個人崇拜內容,但對於獨裁集權依然無奈。兒子習近平掌權之後,開始與父親的生前改革願望漸行漸遠。 ********* 感謝很多朋友們成為我的會員,如果您有任何疑問可以發郵件給我 ,我會讓網站技術人員去解決。 订阅网址: Paypal帳號 ,因為我們是符合美國联邦501(c)(3)的非營利機構,美國的朋友,您的捐款可以獲得聯邦抵稅。 ********* 有思考深度、有時空緯度、有人性溫度-----江峰時刻。 含三個欄目: 歷史上的今天:講出歷史真相,道出生命冷暖。 江峰漫談:蹭熱點,不蹭熱鬧;看新聞,更看門道。 川普推推推:通過推特總統,了解美國,了解正常人類秩序,一起為未來的中國尋找智慧和久違的神性。 江峰TG: 江峰FB: 江峰Twitter: (本頻道擁有所有內容版權,未經允許不得轉載)

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